KnK CHILDREN WITHOUT BORDERS PHILS. INC. (known as Kokkyo naki Kodomotachi) works for children at risk and children in need of special protection specialized on intervention and diversion of children in conflict with the law. Guided by our vision that all children are actively participating in the promotion of a just and humane society.  

S.E.C. Registration No: CN200709223 

License to operate: DSWD-NCR-RL-00006-2015

May 2015: 9th Board Meeting and General Assembly


Year 2015: Realize the Right to Education for Children in Slum Areas

A Story of a Boy Supported by KnK Philippines for More Than 10 Years

Ten years ago, Jay, a 7-year-old boy born in a poor family living at Bagong Silang, one of the biggest slum areas in the Philippines, did not have any opportunity to go to school. Things are different for him now. Already 17-years-old, Jay has just begun to study in college! Here, you will find Jay’s story with his real voice.


Q. Please introduce yourself to the readers.

A. Hello everyone! My name is Jay. I am now 17 years old. I have just graduated from high school last March and begun studying in college last June. I have two siblings: one big brother (19) and one little brother (15). When I was seven, my brothers and I were received by the “House for Youth (HfY)” of KnK Philippines. For about ten years since then, we lived there and studied in schools.

Q. How did you spend your childhood before you met KnK Philippines?

A. When I was six, my siblings and I were abandoned by our parents when they separated. We were then left in the care of our grandmother. But she was old and did not have any work to feed us. Even if our neighbors supported us and gave us some food, we did not have enough food to fill our bellies. We did not have any opportunity to go to school. Our grandmother’s house had no window, nor cemented floor, and it was so hot. I often got cough, cold, and sometimes convulsion.

Q. When did you learn about the activities of KnK Philippines?

A. In 2004, when I was seven, our grandmother brought us to KnK’s ALS classes. One day, Papa Dominique, KnK’s founder, visited our house with social workers and other staff of KnK Philippines. When they saw our vulnerable situations, they decided to bring us to HfY.

Q. Do you have some unforgettable memories during your stay at HfY?

A. I have lots of memories. One of the most important memories was when I learned to play musical instruments. I found out that I had talent in music. I will also never forget all the outings and outside activities we have done at HfY.

Q. What did you learn through HfY? What kind of changes were made after receiving those support?

A. Through playing musical instruments and drawing pictures, my self-confidence was boosted. I am no longer shy when speaking in front of many people. I learned how to facilitate activities to other children and became a master of ceremony in programs at HfY. I also learned that I needed to fight for children’s rights for me and other children.

Jay playing drums together with other children in the "House for Youth". They call themselves "Musmus Band" or Innocent Child

Q. If there were no KnK, how do you imagine your life would be?

A. Maybe I would have stayed with one of our relatives and became a vendor in the market. I would not be able to continue my study nor enjoy my childhood.

Q. It is said that you were reintegrated back with your father. Do you think he has changed his attitude?

A. Yes, he is now responsible. I saw his efforts in finding work and earning money so that he can provide us with our basic needs. He also attended our high school graduation ceremony.

Q. What is your most valuable treasure?

A. My most valuable treasure is education because it will help me have a better future and it will be my first step to help other children. And the KnK staff, peer educators, and children in HfY are also my treasures because we are the best family.

Q. Please let us know your dream for your future.

A. My dream for my future as of now is to continue my study in college, taking up Bachelor in Education Major in Physical Science. I want to become a teacher someday so that I can teach other children who have no opportunity to study.


(Below is the letter from Jay to donors)

To my dear supporters of KnK Philippines,

I would like to say thank you very much for your support to me and all other children. I hope that you will never get tired of helping children especially in Philippines. I will try my best to achieve my goals in life and in return, help children who do not have any opportunity to study.


Thank you very much,




Emergency Response to Typhoon Haiyan - Known in the Philippines as Typhoon Yolanda was one of the strongest typhoon that struck the Philippines. It affected 1,473,251 families in the regions of Visayas, with a casualties count of 6,300. Region 8 was badly hit, specifically Samar and Leyte. KnK Japan immediately responded through the support of Japan Platform. The special project was named “Skills Development and Educational Support for Children and Youth Affected by Typhoon Yolanda in Basey, Marabut, Samar and in Bislig, Leyte.” This project started from December 2013 to December 15, 2014 supported by KnK-Japan and Japan Platform Foundation (JPF).









The total number of children served was 3,153 with a minimum number of 810 children per sessions/activities. There were 922 documented/listed beneficiaries out of the the targeted 600 beneficiaries.

In partnership with the local government and other networks, we conducted Parent Effectiveness Seminar (PES) in all municipalities. A total of 334 parents learned about Child Protection Policy (Understanding UNCRC and other international and local child protection laws) and became aware of the approaches of positive discipline and downside of corporal punishment to children.




August 23, 2012: Phase 4, 8, 7 and Phase 10-A, 10-B Bagong Silang: Distribution of relief goods (food and school supplies for children) to victims of flood. Together with our former Japanese Expat Ms. Yuri Hisano and officers/members of CAYO-Bagong Silang (KnK - Children And Youth Organization) joined in the preparation and distribution of relief goods.

KnK-Philippines especially the people of Bagong Silang, Caloocan would like to extend their thanks to KnK-Japan for all the support.















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